Tom Dixon Large 3-wick Candle

Price: $199.00 USD


Large 3-wick Eclectic Candles by Tom Dixon


These large 3-wick candles are part of the Eclectic range by Tom Dixon. Each candle is contained within a hand-spun vessel formed in brass, copper or nickel. Using a process of acid-etching, each vessel is intricately marked with the scent's name. 


Scented Candle: Royalty

A reminiscence of tea time, contained in a brass vessel.


Scented Candle: London

The smell of red brick and London parks with crocuses and nettles. Contained in a copper vessel.


Scented Candle: Orientalistist

A mix of rose, cinnamon and musk. Contained in a nickel vessel.


Dimensions: H = 100mm, D = 110mm     Material: Metal


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