Asymmetry Porcelain Sculpture

Designed and hand-crafted in Thailand, this stunning piece offers a fresh perspective that blends modern form with classic sculptural techniques.

The innovative, “bubble” sphere aesthetic is enhanced by unique markings on each, providing another level of textural interest.

There is a sense of movement and lightness in this sculpture, as well as depth and dimension. The solid wood mount base (removable) complements the delicate porcelain ceramic material.

The neutral white shade makes this statement art piece the perfect choice to display in any room of your choosing.


Handmade porcelain ceramic sculpture. Dimensions 25 x 15 x 45 cm.


It’s one-of-a-kind so treat with care! Gently wipe to remove surface dust with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid touching surface with oil that could discolour the sculpture.

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