Divine Orb Incense Burner The Cool Hunter

This piece is crafted by hand from the finest Italian stone, available from just one quarry in the world. It forms part of an exclusive collection designed and sculpted exclusively for The Cool Hunter.

It is a multi-functional design, accompanied by a removable brass incense stick holder (for use at the bottom of the vessel), to fill your space with the delicious, aromatic smells to delight the senses.

The versatility doesn’t stop there; a removable lid enables the Divine Orb Incense Burner to also transform into a unique decorative or functional vase.

The style features signature orb sphere elevation feet, adding a dynamic touch and modern essence to a timeless, classic design. This stand-alone sculpture redefines incredible craftsmanship and detail.

This beautiful piece is available in  Nero (black marble)

Note: Crafted from a natural stone material, no two pieces are exactly alike, with unique markings serving as a bespoke element.

Complimentary Incense included 


Size: 24 x 7 x 10 cm


Care: Wipe gently with soft, tepid water dampened cloth to remove surface dust.

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