Glass Twist Loop Straws Boxed set of 4

Who knew a straw could be so chic? Unsustainable and boring straws need not apply, because we’re all about a long-lasting, sophisticated, eco-friendly alternative to the single-use plastic and paper straws of the past.

For a more stylish and reusable option, look no further. Our set of four multi-coloured glass straws feature a specially designed exaggerated twisted loop to add something a little “extra” to your beverage of choice.

These curled glass straws have been crafted from quality borosilicate glass, which is highly durable, non-toxic and BPA free. They are also soft-edged for a comfortable sip every time!

They are suitable for hot or cold beverages, and are the perfect go-to accessory for a range of occasions; from a freshly juiced OJ at home, to a summer-worthy cocktail.

Each glass straw measures 8mm x 22cm long, which just so happens to be the perfect height for highball glasses. Now you can enjoy your water with a twist, or a have great excuse for a G&T (not that you need one)!

Available in a boxed set of 4 that contains: 1 x bottle green, 1 x cobalt blue, 1 x orange and 1 x grey glass straw in the pack.

Designed by The Cool Hunter.


Each straw is 8mm x 22cm long.


Even the most durable glass needs to be handled with care to last the test of time! Although these glass straws are dishwasher safe; for the best result (and to avoid accidental breakage) we recommend hand rinsing under running tap water, or handwashing in warm, soapy, water. These glass straws are perfect for liquids like juices, water, alcohol, but please avoid smoothies (fruit may get stuck in the loop)! Avoid use in microwaves.

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