Ritual Candelabra

Our Ritual Candelabra is a seamless design, encompassing soft, smooth lines that form a rounded, asymmetrical base. This fluidly leads towards a 3-pronged claw tip, upon which tapered candles can burn brightly.

It makes for a must-have chic, sophisticated touch for anytime (after all, life is the special occasion)!

Use this candlestick holder to bring warmth and ambience to dinner parties, on cosy evenings indoors, or to add an innovative aesthetic to your favourite space.

This is a bespoke small-batch piece, hand-made in Melbourne from natural materials. It is available in limited quantities, and as a result of being handcrafted, no two are exactly alike and feature slight variances for a unique finish.

Light to celebrate any of life’s daily victories! The classic, yet modern white colour is the perfect complement to any décor.


Dimensions: 30cm H

Materials: Stoneware, kanthal wire, milk-white glaze

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