Luke Shadbolt Ocean Print 1 on Perspex

Price: $1,200.00 USD

Ocean Print 1 on Perspex by Luke Shadbolt


Do you really think there is an interior environment that wouldn’t be made more beautiful, more tranquil, more cool with the addition of a peaceful image of ocean scenery?


We don’t think so. Without a doubt, the cure for the visual noise and image overload in our lives comes in the form of a stunning photograph by Luke Shadbolt of the central coast of NSW.


The picture seem like an oil painting, but it is in reality an expertly composed photograph.


Imagine a quiet beach, a soft morning breeze on your skin, the scent of the ocean, the sound of the soft waves. These images will transport you to your favourite seaside places as they expand and calm down any interior with their serene atmosphere and gorgeous colours. Now, just take a deep breath and relax.


This print is mounted underneath perspex and printed on metallic film for a more striking look. A specialised process called 'face-mounting' is used to create a durable bond between the print and acrylic (perspex). A high quality acrylic is used to provide superior UV protection.


Can be wall mounted or free standing. Exclusive to TCH store.


Regular Size: 100cm x 100cm Large Size: 120cm x 120cm


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Please allow up to 21 working days for production and delivery. 


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