Murmuro Ignem Terrae Ceramic Sculpture

Striking and almost majestic in its energy, Murmuro encapsulates the forces of nature in ceramic form. Eroded areas and smooth surfaces meet opposing textures for a unique, statement piece that is sure to enhance and elevate any space.

This wow-factor sculpture was handcrafted exclusively for the cool hunter by Australian artist Emily Hamann of Ignem Terrae Ceramics (meaning “Fired Earth” in Latin). Hamann’s signature style reinvents classical shapes to create innovative and unexpected sculptural forms.

Full of depth, dimension and natural shadows, Murmuro is one of a kind work of art. It has been designed as a stand-alone piece to add a classic yet modern touch of personality to your home surroundings. The neutral white shade complements any colour palette for seamless integration.


Handmade white ceramic sculpture measuring H440mm (Approx)


It’s one-of-a-kind so treat with care! Gently wipe to remove surface dust with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid touching surface with oil that could discolour the sculpture.

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