Solid Donut Mirror
Solid Donut Mirror

Solid Donut Mirror

The Solid Donut Mirror is made of stainless steel polished to high gloss.

The mirror is an object that, thanks to its reflecting nature, plays with human perception and creates an impression of being an actively watching entity. It is a light-weighted sculpture inspired by organic liquid-like forms and resembles a huge droplet of silvery mercury. Hanging on the wall, it looks like it was floating a few millimetres next to it, just like a water drop on the glass surface.

The mirror owes its delicate structure and durability to the Fidu technology, based on a free deformation caused by high internal pressure. Its round, pure and impeccable structure creates endless possibilities of interpretation. Solid Donut Mirror is at the same time a sophisticated futuristic sculpture, a distorted mirror, an intriguing decoration, a steel canvas where images appear and vanish at the same time.
Available in four sizes.

Great design takes time – trust us, it’s worth the wait!

This unique item is made to order, which enables us to ensure your product is of the highest quality and made to last. It also keeps things more sustainable by using the materials as needed!

This may take a little longer than ordering “off the shelf”, but we know it’s worth it to bring you a product that elevates your living space and transforms your area.


For all customers outside of Australia and New Zealand:
Please up to 6 weeks for production and delivery.


For Australia / New Zealand customers, the following mirrors are currently in stock and available for immediate delivery:

2 x 120 cm D
2 x 95 cm  D
1 x 75 cm D

75cm diameter (weighs 7 kg)
95cm diameter (weighs 10 kg)
120cm diameter (weighs 15 kg)
150cm diameter (weighs 21 kg)

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