Face SubmergedDaria Kraft

Russian Photographer Daria Kraft’s ‘Face Submerged’ immediately summons a series of questions from our psyche upon viewing the image. Inevitably the questions and ensuing feelings stem from whether we feel the subject is in the process of submerging into the milky blue abyss or if she is emerging from it. Positive or negative connotations can be deduced from either subjective answer to this question, however, it is this transitional state of immersion or emersion which is the most beguiling feature of this image. Pink cheek, nose and parted lips serenely break the smooth and undisturbed liquid surface, drawing first or last breath, as the rest of her features fade into the amniotic-like fluid below. So here the image rests in this perpetual state of tranquility and tension, the subject and her surrounds simultaneously appearing in perfect harmony as one merges into the other while we know this current state can’t persist and can only be a transitory moment.

  • Printed on metallic paper and onto 6mm Acrylic/Perspex.
  • A specialised process called ‘face-mounting’ is used to create a durable bond between the print and acrylic (perspex). A high quality acrylic is used to provide superior UV protection.
  • Can be wall mounted or free standing.
  • Flat rate shipping charged at $20
  • Please allow up to 21 working days for production and delivery

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